Reservoirs & Boreholes


Types of Reservoirs:

• Storage/Conservation Reservoir
• Flood control Reservoir
• Multipurpose Reservoir
• Distribution Reservoir
Commercial boreholes for companies requiring a
private water supply

Vending & Debt Collection


• Our point of sale terminals are both desktop, handheld and portable
vending solutions
• Largest Vending footprint
• Multiple Vending Channels
• Easy to purchase water

Pipes & Fittings


• Copper
• Polypropylene & HDPE
• Plastic & PVC
• Galvanized
• Flanges
• DPI Pipe Fittings
• Marley Pipe Fittings
• Palstica Alfa
• Wrought Steel
• Holderbats
• Fulbore

Metering Infrastructure

Kgosihadi Trading products and systems include:Capture2
-Prepaid water Metering
-Conventional water Metering
-Automated meter reader or reading(AMR)
Our prepaid metering system is compliant with the
requirements of the Standard Transfer Specification (STS)
Association. The association standards conform to the
International Commission (IEC) specifications.
Kgosihadi water management system can automate processes
such as collection of meter readings and calculation of billing.
The system allows actual and metered energy, demand, water
consumptions and to be monitored, as well as any other
ancillary costs involved within the utilities environment.
It can be used to discover savings-opportunities, manage
consumption-reduction initiatives.

Civil & Structural Engineering Services

• Civil and Structural engineeringCapture 5
• Architectural Design
• Town Planning
• Land Surveying
• Quantity Surveying
• Project Management