We are a growing company that strives to execute Class, Quality and cost effective branding, marketing and advertising platforms.

We mainly use Branding Strategies to executive effective results? our reasons are:
Brand identity is a vital part of a business, and it should be incorporated into many key aspects and areas.

  • Company name, logo, or slogan
  • Company letterhead
  • Company forms
  • Marketing materials and advertising
  • Signage
  • Web sites
  • Uniforms
  • Promotional items such as pens and pencils, key chains, ball caps, tote bags

Branding Approaches

  • Individual product branding – Each new product is assigned a new name with no connection to other brands owned by a company.
  • Family branding – New products are placed under an existing brand.
  • Co-branding – The marketer partners with another firm that has an existing, established brand in hopes that the theory “two brands are better than one” will stimulate interest.
  • Private or store branding – When suppliers produce products for other companies, and place that company’s brand on the product.
  • No Name Branding – Also referred to as generic branding, this is a “brandless” product that is sold as a low-cost alternative to a brand name product.

Business and Branding

Branding your business with promotional items is a great way to advertise. The placement of a business name or logo on promotional products is sure to bring in new business, and they can also be used to reward existing customers and employees for their loyalty. Leaving pens and pencils in high traffic areas such as banks, doctors’ offices, libraries, and colleges will bring recognition to a company and its brands.